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SBÄM Fest 2023

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Andreas Schöngruber

June 7th, 2023


We decided to join the SBÄM Fest in Linz, next to the Pichlingersee. We visited the festival on Saturday and Sunday (June 3rd & 4th). The bands I saw were great, and the location next to the lake is very nice.

First, we had to get our Fest Pass and exchange our money for sbäm dollars (What the actual fuck!?). We exchanged genuine euros for some kind of sbäm monopoly money that cannot be swapped back. With that monopoly money, we could buy drinks but not food. For food, we had to pay with real money. Seems not very legal to me and many others. Therefore, they decided to make one bar accept real money. Punk rock? Not so much.

Blog-Image: Scämdollar Blog-Image: Scämdollar
SCÄM Dollar

We saw The Von Tramps, Zebrahead, Less Than Jake, Anti Flag, Turbobier, and Flogging Molly on Saturday. Unfortunately, we had to leave in the middle of Flogging Molly to catch the last train. Thanks for the excellent organisation </sarcasm>. Beer and wine cost 5€ in scämdollars. We ate a burger for 11€!? The price of that thing without any fries increased to 12€ on Sunday.

On Sunday, we saw Victory Kid, The Menzingers, Bowling For Soup, and Rancid. After the shows, we had to get a cab to Linz because public transport had already ended. The driver also tried to scam us.

I did not face any long lines, and the bands were great. Being unable to use public transport after a show near the city is a joke. Calling Scämdollars a cashless system is an even bigger joke. There were lots of cops around and on the festival site. So many that many of them had to leave when the soccer riots started in the city center. Food was expensive, and you had to remember the staff to fill the cups and not sell you a half cup of beer for 5 bucks.

Just because the lineup is full of punk bands does not mean this is a punk festival. Everything was about capitalism and money. This festival hardened my opinion of SBÄM. It was sad to see that so many people think this is acceptable and fully and blindly support SBÄM.

It's a SCÄM.